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To be eligible to join the Greater Piedmont Electrolysis Association, you must be a member of the American Electrolysis Association. To join, AEA click here.

If you are interested in joining the American Electrolysis Association, there are resources and information readily available here. 

To register for GPEA, you may pay any applicable membership fees along with your AEA membership application. AEA membership is $170, but you must pay an additional yearly fee of $30 to join GPEA. If it is your first time registering for GPEA, you will owe a one-time initial fee of $5, as well. AEA and GPEA dues are due in October of each year and must be renewed to remain active. 

Benefits of 


  • A supportive network and community of licensed professionals to tap into for guidance.

  • Continuous proprietary education at a more affordable price.

  • Lobbying information and resources to protect our industry.

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